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Question about In-Home private cooking paid internship? : AskCulinary

Question about In-Home private cooking paid internship? : AskCulinary

So I am not certain if this can be a distinctive query or now not however I am doing a little analysis on behalf of my folks. I am serious about discovering them a private chef who can cook dinner them 2 foods in line with day 7 days every week. I would not be expecting them to return in on a daily basis and cook dinner however moreso he/she chefs them 14 foods every week which are then refrigerated. My folks would compensate this particular person after which additionally pay for the groceries clearly. Is this one thing that will attraction to these of you who’re in th private cooking trade? Or in all probability some culinary scholars? What would make this extra interesting if it’s not interesting?

Some background:

My Mom eats first rate. My Dad eats like shit. Its now not a loss of short of to consume neatly. Its simply as everyone knows, other people on the whole are other people of conveniences. My Mom remains in lovely excellent form truthfully. My Dad on the other hand is the American stereotype of deficient consuming. At least he workout routines. His consuming conduct although are severely shit and its most commonly a fabricated from simply now not short of to make the effort to cook dinner for the sake in their well being. They are each extraordinarily a success retired industry homeowners and feature the way to supply a paid alternative for any chef prepared to do the paintings. The foods themselves would want to be wholesome and engaging.

I would like to search out any individual who may just use their very own kitchen or in all probability pass into my mum or dad’s house and use their kitchen if important to create foods for them and get paid to do it. What is a good fee? I’d take those charges and pass in finding any individual in the community at one of the crucial culinary faculties and convey them in for interviews of a few sort I suppose? LOL idk. Its essential to me to stay my folks well being as highest as it may be.

Thank you on your time


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