FDA Issues List of ‘Safe’ Blood Pressure Meds

FDA Issues List of ‘Safe’ Blood Pressure Meds

April five, 2019 — The FDA on Thursday issued an inventory of 40 blood drive medications it discovered loose of contamination with the chemical nitrosamine, an ongoing factor that has precipitated a number of medicine recollects since final summer time.

The checklist is supposed to lend a hand medical doctors make remedy choices, however a heart specialist no longer fascinated with its introduction says it must additionally spur sufferers to do so and make certain their medical doctors and pharmacies aren’t nonetheless giving them tainted medications.

The medication concerned are medications that decrease blood drive in a circle of relatives of medication referred to as ARBs (angiotensin II receptor blockers), which paintings through blocking off the impact of angiotensin, a protein hormone that constricts blood vessels and raises drive. The medication are extensively utilized to regard center failure and different issues.

Nitrosamines are environmental contaminants additionally present in water and meals; they’re categorised as components that might motive most cancers. In its ongoing assessment of the problems, the FDA says that “the maximum possible exposure to nitrosamines … in ARB medicines appears to be small,” however their presence in drug merchandise isn’t appropriate.

The downside got here to mild final July, when the FDA introduced a voluntary recall of a number of medications containing valsartan when the impurities had been discovered.

The preliminary 40 medications loose of nitrosamine will likely be added to the “safe” checklist, the FDA says. The checklist is supposed for well being care pros to study as they believe therapies. “We’re also working with manufacturers to swiftly remove medications from the market if they contain a nitrosamine impurity at levels higher than the interim acceptable intake limits,” the FDA remark says.

The removing of infected merchandise has resulted in shortages, and the company says it’s running to lend a hand unravel the ones. One resolution government suggest is to quickly permit explicit so much of losartan, a drug additionally suffering from the contamination, to proceed to be allotted. “Our scientists really feel that this won’t have a significant larger possibility for most cancers over the time it must take to get impurity-free losartan to marketplace,” the remark says. The FDA predicts that can occur inside 6 months.


Cardiologist’s View

While the checklist must lend a hand medical doctors and pharmacies center of attention at the vetted medications, Guy L. Mintz, MD, director of cardiovascular well being and lipidology on the Sandra Atlas Bass Heart Hospital in Manhasset, NY, isn’t assured that can occur.

“I don’t have a lot of faith in the pharmacies to stock their shelves [only] with the medicines that have been vetted,” he says. “It’s nice that the FDA has done their due diligence and vetted 40 drugs,” he says. But ”now it’s a must to rely at the pharmacy.”

Many sufferers use mail-order pharmacies, and the producers at the medicines can also be switched with out alerting them, he says.

He takes factor with the FDA announcing other folks the usage of the tainted losartan may just proceed taking it till a contaminant-free provide of that drug is to be had. While the chance of most cancers is deemed small, he says, many sufferers, particularly those that have already survived a most cancers, to find that possibility unacceptable.

Those sufferers may ask their medical doctors about switching to different varieties of ARBs, he says. “There are two other members of the ARB class that are actually longer-acting,” he says. Those come with telmisartan (Micardis) and olmesartan (Benicar). “To my knowledge, those two have never been contaminated.”

His recommendation for the ones on blood drive medications: “Do no longer forestall your medicine. You may just do extra harm to your self through preventing.”

For the ones at the infected medication, he says: “Call your physician. Make an appointment to speak about selection drugs to your hypertension.”

“I would also tell patients to contact their pharmacies,” he says, “to be sure they are on a brand vetted by the FDA and proven to be safe.”



News Release, FDA, April four, 2019.

Guy Mintz, MD, director of cardiovascular well being & lipidology, Sandra Atlas Bass Heart Hospital, Manhasset, NY.

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