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Did your voice change as you lost the weight? : loseit

Did your voice change as you lost the weight? : loseit

So this may well be a foolish query, however I simply figured I might ask it in any case. Did your talking voice change as you lost/are dropping your weight? I noticed a YouTube video just lately of a lady who lost about 150lbs and her voice modified dramatically. It went from being deeper to relatively upper pitched and clearer.

I additionally take into account seeing a publish on-line someplace that mentioned you can regularly inform if anyone is overweight just by the sound in their voice and whilst I will’t call to mind an obtrusive rationalization as to why, I truly really feel like that’s true.

I individually know anyone that’s lost round 200lbs in actual lifestyles and I realized no change in his voice in any respect, that’s why I’m so shocked. I used to be questioning if someone else has skilled this as a facet impact of dropping a great deal of weight and I figured this is able to be a excellent position to invite.


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