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Dealing with an overactive smoke alarm : AskCulinary

Dealing with an overactive smoke alarm : AskCulinary

Help me Reddit!

Every time I bake rooster wings, my smoke alarm is going off. (I posted about it on Serious Eats right here:

The Serious Eaters have been in point of fact useful in troubleshooting, however I appear to be in a atypical scenario with tremendous prime ceilings so I will be able to’t succeed in the alarm, a hardwired smoke alarm, and a brand new oven. A Serious Eats commenter instructed placing salt within the backside of the pan, and it is helping a TINY bit. Tonight, after dumping my complete salt cellar onto the pan and turning the variability hood on prime ahead of opening the oven, the smoke alarm went off for a short-ish time and did not get started absolutely the 2nd I opened the oven. But I am searching for higher effects.

What else can move within the backside of the pan? Bread? Flour? Semolina? Oatmeal? Should I take a look at the usage of a distinct pan, now not 1 / 4 or part sheet pan? I will be able to take a look at anything else! Just so long as it does not contain messing with the smoke alarm itself.


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