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Bought one burger, got 50% off every burger afterwards : lifehacks

Bought one burger, got 50% off every burger afterwards : lifehacks

First of all, I do not know if this subreddit is the proper position to publish this, nevertheless it used to be essentially the most becoming position I may assume off.

My native Burger King retailer used to come up with 40 or 50 p.c off coupon codes for taking a survey from the hyperlink at the receipt. The hyperlink used to be the similar on all receipts. You would redeem the coupon through writing it down at the receipt and provides it to the cashier. This is a neat manner for them to gather knowledge, however they forgot about one factor after they arrange that gadget… The codes would by no means expire or transform invalid.

I believe you already see the loop hollow that I discovered (and abused).

I’d purchase a burger and stay the receipt. I did the primary survey and got a code, write down the code at the receipt aswell as any other position so I’d commit it to memory. I hand within the code subsequent time I purchase a burger, and I stay the newly revealed receipt once more simplest to put in writing the similar code from sooner than on it. Rinse and repeat.

I’d consume nearly every unmarried meal at Burger King whilst those survey coupons had been authorised (2 months I believe).


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